Retrofitting is defined as the procedure of providing a piece of machinery (a jet, automobile, computer, or factory, for example) with parts, devices, or equipment not in existence or available at the time of original manufacture or installing/ fitting a device or system in or on an existing structure. In the case of turbocharger there are four main reasons retrofitting may be required:
•  The existing turbocharger system has become technologically obsolete, suffering from inefficiency compared to the competition.
•  The existing turbocharger system has been proven unreliable in practice (i.e. frequent break-downs).
•  The spare parts of the existing turbocharger system are too expensive or difficult to find compared to the alternatives and the service availability is poor.
•  The operational profile of the engine has changed and the existing turbocharger is not suitable anymore (i.e. power rating up or down).

Upon the client’s demand, Turbomare can handle retrofitting feasibility studies of turbochargers, taking into consideration the technical compliance of the available alternatives with the main/auxiliary engine in theory (the turbocharger application range: compressor pressure ratio/compressor volume flow), but also data of the recommended solution applied to other vessels.