Main design features:
•  Centrifugal compressor with backward-swept type main and splitter blades made of forged aluminum together with the vanned diffuser, achieves high efficiency, large flow rate and wide operating range.
•  The turbine made of nickel-based heat resistant super alloy designed to have superior mechanical strength and oxidation resistance.
•  Further enhancement of efficienct with the use of turbine with turbine nozzle.
•  Adoption of a thrust and journal bearing design: the thrust bearing, sliding bearing of taper-land type, prevents the shaft from moving due to thrust force and semi-floating journal bearings which form an oil film at both the inner and outer spaces of them, absorbing the unbalances of the rotation of the rotor.
Main benefits:
•  Enhanced reliability and durability under heavy duty fuel oil application (8000 field test running hours) achieved by the optional coating of the turbine housing and nozzle and standard option of turbine cleaning with water.
•  Higher compressor pressure ratio, higher performance and compactness.